Stainless Steel Bolt Nut Manufacturer

Sriraj Group is the leading name in the field of Washers Manufacturer in Hyderabad. The competition between the manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fasteners(Bolts, Nuts, Washers), to give economical fastener with the excellent quality, has a created a lot of tension in the industry, which has been indirectly helped the vendors to get definite high-quality fasteners at economical prices

Bolt Nut Manufacturer

What is Washer and It's Uses?

Normally a washer is a thin plate(typically disk-shaped) with a hole in the middle, used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener. It consists of high tensile strength nuts and bolts with washers. Other uses are as a spacer, spring, locking device, preload indicating device and to reduce vibration. Usually, Washers have the outer diameter(OD) but twice the width of the washer inner diameter(ID). Washers are usually available in metal or plastic material.

Industrial Washers Manufacturers:

Sriraj Group is highly appreciated as trusted Industrial Washers manufacturers, suppliers & distributors. We are serving our fasteners to our valuable customers and a complete range of fasteners are available in international standards as well as in customized specifications. Washers Manufacturers in Hyderabad uses an alloy of stainless steel, aluminium, chromium, brass to develop washers.

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