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Sriraj Group is one of the prominent and leading U Bolt Manufacturers in Hyderabad. For some people who doesn't work on a manufacturing line or construction site, a small component such as fasteners and other components that are used in the final making of project or product that may look like standard necessities that don't make much difference in the project. Always they may think spending time in comparing U Bolt Manufacturers is a waste of time. But remember these components are the smaller parts that create a product, often used to join two components.

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U Bolt Design and Application:

A U-Bolt is a metal bar bent into the shape of the letter U and with the screw threads on both ends. These can primarily use to support pipe work, secure leaf springs, pipes through which fluids and gases pass. U-Bolts are manufactured by using wire and round stock cold or hot forming methods. These are used in the industry and are available with saddle clamps. Below are a list of applications...

  • Automobiles/Vehicles
  • Power Transmission
  • Framing System
  • Petroleum and Chemical Industry

U Bolt Manufacturers in Hyderabad will design and manufacture different kinds of U-Bolts. Find and request a quote for U-Bolts info@srirajgroup.com

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