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Sriraj Group is highly appreciated as prominent Stainless Steel Washers Distributor in India. Customer satisfaction is our highest strength. To attain our objective, we use the high-grade raw material to fabricate or to distribute stainless steel washers.

Bolt Nut Manufacturer

What is Fastener and It's Uses?

A fastener is a hardware device used universally for affixing joints with two or more objects. Fasteners are holding the components together, a single component without fasteners, would let the whole system broken down to pieces. While looking around, everyone could easily say that each and every component is fixed together just because of fasteners. The success behind the growing of stainless steel fasteners(nuts, bolts, washers) industry is every component is developing these days. High quality bolted joints depend upon hardened steel washers to avoid the loss of pre-load after the rotating force is applied. This ensures eminent features like reliability, durability and long operating life.

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