Nut Fastener Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Sriraj Group has been established in the year 1988 and renowned as India's leading Nut Fastener Manufacturers in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Nut Fastener Manufacturers in Hyderabad

What is Bolts, Nuts and Uses?

At first glance, a bolt may looks like a very simple element but it holds two elements together. Without bolts and nuts all our gadgets and machines would fall into number of pieces. Bolts and Nuts are most common elements, used for construction building, machine design and in many other sectors. From screws in electric tooth brushes, door hinges to great bolts and nuts that secure concrete pillars in buildings.

The History Of The Bolt and Nut:

The "History of Bolt and Nut industry in America" by W.R Wilbur in 1905 states that the first machine for making bolts, nuts and screws was made by Besson in France in 1568, later they introduced a screw-cutting gauge or plate that can be used on lathes. In 1641, the English firm, Hindley of York, enhanced this machine and it also became more popular over the world. Our sales team is here to get you what you need and provide the custom quotes.

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