Mild Steel Square Bar

Sriraj Group is a leading Mild Steel Flat Bar Distributors Hyderabad, offering vast range of MS Flat Bars in all sizes with different specifications. Offering Mild Steel Flat Bars find in Automobiles, Tractors, Heavy Earth Moving Equipment's, Aluminium Industry, Railways and Oil & Gas Sectors

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Industrial Mild Steel Bars:

Mild Steel refers to steel with low carbon content, that us weldable, formable and machinable. Mild steel can be used magnetized and used in many typical applications that require large amounts of metal. Such applications are motorcycle frames, domestic goods, automobile chassis, cookware, furniture, goods. The properties of the steel allow the electrical current to travel through the metal without altering the composition of the material. Mild Steel Flat Bar Distributors Hyderabad, these bars can flex where higher carbon version could break. These Mild Steel Bars are manufactured to support high pressure and product warranty .

Specification of Mild Steel Bars:

  • Mild Steel Round Bars from 6mm to 100mm diameter.
  • Mild Steel Square Bars from 10 x 10mm to 100 x 100mm.
  • Mild Steel Flat Bars from 10 x 3mm to 600 x 25mm.
  • We also offer wide collection of bright and alloys.
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