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Sriraj Group is the Metal Washers and Spacers Manufacturer and Supplier in Hyderabad, India. We had a great selection of washers & spacers specially designed to handle different commercial and industrial applications. Our metal washers & spacers are precision metal stamping from tough alloy and are available in several thickness and diameters to ensure the fastener durability and versatility. As an important industry component, our company operates all facets of metal spacers and washers production.

Bolt Nut Manufacturer

Uses of Washers and Spacers:

The main purpose of the washer is to distribute the load of the fastener. The fastener that a washer is most commonly used with screws, nuts and threaded fasteners. Some other uses of the washer can be used in locking devices, pre-load indicating devices and spring. In some cases, a washer can be used as a spacer. Washers have been used as spacers in the past few decades. Most of the people only use washers as a temporary spacer until they can replace it with a permanent new spacer.

Metal Washers and Spacers Manufacturer, Visit our website to see the products which we offering for several applications. Along with the metal washers and spacers, we also have carbon steel washers, stainless steel washers for your application. We also offer Spring Washers Suppliers in South India.

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