Binding Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad

High quality Binding Wire is procured from industry leading Binding Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad are made using high-grade mild steel and corrosion resistant. Binding wires plays a significant role in holding the rebars during building construction.

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Purpose Of Using Binding Wire:

Binding Wire is used for objective of tying applications in the field of construction. It is extensively used in the construction sector for tying rebar's at the joints to keep the structure intact. This is also called as Annealed Wire which is made from mild steel making them corrosion resistant and abrasion. To construct RCC building we use MS Steel Bars either plain, ribbed or tor, these binding wires are used to bind the steel bars at appropriate place according to the design at a spacing which is defined by the drawing. These steel bars shouldn't be disrupted while lying cement, concrete in any of the members such as a beam, column, slab wall etc.

High Strength Binding Wire:

If the bars are disturbed than it will reduce the strength and performance of the RCC. So proper binding is needed to intact the steel bars. Binding is usually done by hand with the help of tool but some time in heavy work big diameter steel bars bind with the help of welding. Contact Binding Wire Manufacturers in Hyderabad or MS Round Bar Distributors in Hyderabad to get more information.

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